Nathan opens a JUMP! to leave the mining industry and spend more time with family

Introducing the Smiths – the latest members to join the JUMP! Family

“One reason we decided to go with JUMP! was because we loved that our boys could be involved with the business. It’s a business that we can balance around our life.”

JUMP! Jandakot owners’ Nathan and Renae Smith, parents to two young boys, had been looking into purchasing a franchise for some time before they came across JUMP!.

Nathan works in the mining industry and works FIFO 12 days on 9 days off. While Nathan is away, Renae, a former competitive swimmer and current swim teacher, will be running the business. Their plan is for Nathan to be able to come home and work at JUMP! full time.

When asked why they chose JUMP! specifically, Renae said,

“We love everything that JUMP! offers to families. Nathan and I love what learning to swim can do for your lifestyle and we are both passionate about teaching all children to learn how to swim.

“I love that encouragement and praise is at the forefront of JUMP!’s values.”

The Smith’s said everyone in the community is excited to see a swim school that offers an alternative to what is currently available.

“I want to educate the community that learning to swim is not only a fun activity but a skill for life.

“When I was pregnant with my son Hunter, I was so excited to take him swimming, however I could not find a swim school that suited all our needs and wants.

“With JUMP!, we love that our boys can be involved with the business. We want them to come to the facility and know the other children’s names and play with them.”

Through the programs run at JUMP! Swim Schools, Renae hopes to prepare children and educate parents about water safety.

“Nothing puts a smile on my face more than when a little swimmer who has been hesitant to get into the water builds up the confidence to overcome their fear.”
“It sounds cliche but if I can save just one child’s life by teaching them how to swim and providing a facility they can feel comfortable to learn in means I have done my job.

“Our vision is to be a recognized leader in learn to swim facilities for the Cockburn / Jandakot region with the interest of expanding to multiple locations.”