Shelly purchased a swim school so her infant could swim closer to home

Shelly Snow first opened her swim school in January of 2017. She runs her swim school in Jimboomba, Queensland.



Who is Shelly?

Shelly moved to Jimboomba three years ago with her partner and 3 children.

Swimming became her passion at a young age as her father was a nationally ranked swimmer in England. At the age of 10 she began swimming competitively and went on to represent her school, club, region and state numerous times.

Shelly rediscovered her passion for swimming after trying her hand at a few other career ventures and attaining a Business Degree.


Why did she decide to purchase a franchise with JUMP!?

“We moved to the Jimboomba area 3 years ago and we were looking for swimming lessons for our then 12-month-old”, said Shelly.

“We found that there wasn’t anything local and even though it was only about a 40-minute drive to the nearest centre, it would have turned into about a 2 hour expedition each week with travel time, getting in and out and the lesson itself. I decided that was a bit ridiculous considering the size of the area and predicted growth of the region. I have a background in swimming so I looked into starting my own swim school.

“Initially I had planned on building a centre from the ground up myself but soon realised how unqualified I was as a builder/town planner and how difficult my dream was going to be to achieve. That’s when I decided to look into franchising. What attracted me to JUMP! specifically was small, intimate feel of the facility. I felt like that was exactly what would appeal to my community.”


What did Shelly find most daunting in the beginning?

“Managing work life balance was hard at first. When I first started, I was also completing a Business Degree so there were a lot of long days and late nights. Once I graduated uni though, everything seemed to get a lot easier and I had more time to manage the business.”


What’s her favourite part about owning a JUMP!?

“Simple – It’s fun!  I have a great team and great customers so what’s not to love.

“I’m enjoying this job more than any other I’ve had so my only regret is that I wish I had thought of doing it a lot earlier.”


How did she succeed in building up such a large customer base?

“From a management perspective, having a business degree really helped because I drew on a lot of what I learnt in my course. Marketing effectively is what I’m most proud of though as a manager. I know my area, it’s demographic and I get out there amongst the community.

“Having my own kids that go to the local school and daycare, play sport at the local clubs etc also helps because I’m always around and everyone knows me.

“I also think my team is my greatest asset. It’s their amazing attitude and confidence in their teaching that retains our customers. And happy customers refer friends!”