Seeking profitability? The Lollers grew their income by 184% within 1st year of trading

Sharyn & Geoff Loller first opened their swim school in January of 2016

Since then they have signed on for a second site, and now teach almost 550 students a week.

  • They run their swim school in Hackham, South Australia
  • Popular for children with special needs, especially kids on the autism spectrum
  • Proud winners of the Australian Swim Schools Association Inclusive Swimming Award from 2016
  • Sharyn now works for JUMP! Swim Schools Head Office as a Customer Experience Manager. Her son Terry manages the swim school.

Who are they?

Sharyn and Geoff were both part-time workers previous to owning a JUMP!. Sharyn was a swim instructor for 26 years and Geoff was a builder.

The couple have four children and five grandchildren. “Our daughter works at the swim centre and our youngest son comes down on Wednesday after school and does a few little odd jobs.”


Why did they decide to purchase a franchise with JUMP!?

“Since returning to Adelaide a few years ago, I was never happy with the standard of swimming lessons in Adelaide and I knew I could do a better job, so I looked for swim schools for sale and came across JUMP!.”

“What I liked was the actual philosophy, swimming and children – and we liked the program. We flew to QLD and had a look at Miami and Southport and we loved it!”


We asked Sharyn what her favourite part about owning and managing a JUMP! was.

“Probably teaching. You can have the roughest day and then you get in the pool and everything melts away.”

JUMP! Hackham grew by 184% within their first year of trading. Almost a year on and they have continued trading with an almost full swim school.