Sarah & Anthony Open Their 1st of 3 Swim Schools

Sarah and Anthony Langlands open our very first swim school on the Sunshine Coast

Since working as a JUMP! swim teacher down in Melbourne, Sarah knew this was the perfect business for them and purchased three swim schools to open on the Sunshine Coast, the first being in Nambour.

Sarah and Anthony are parents to two teenagers, Harry & Kieran, and Cherry who is 3 years old.

Sarah has an extensive swim teacher background, and Anthony has endless years of customer service from opening restaurants to teaching board sports such as snow boarding and kitesurfing.

After having spent the last few years in the UK and in Melbourne, the Langland family decided to leave city life behind and move to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Why did they decide to purchase a franchise with JUMP!?

Sarah said, “My husband and I loved the idea of a boutique swim school – everything from the small classes to the warm temperatures, and how personal it is with only one pool and the gorgeous coloured murals on the wall. We feel that every child should learn to swim and JUMP! is a perfect environment for that.

“Having worked for them, I loved the whole structure of JUMP!. Plus, to own a franchise not only allows us to work for ourselves but to give something back to the community by creating more jobs and bringing a life skill to children within the area.”

How will they balance running a business and family life?

“We have a wonderful and strong team from management to teachers that will work together and with us to ensure our business runs smoothly,” Anthony said.

What’s their favourite part about owning a JUMP!?

“Our favourite part is that we are able to do it together.”

Why did they decide to purchase three swim schools?

“We always knew we wanted to own one site but then we decided we wanted to branch out and be able to offer the same great JUMP! experience to as many families as possible.”