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Who are our franchisees?

Kat Hughes | Bundall, QLD

Kat Hughes, founder of JUMP! Swim Schools Bundall, is in the running for Franchise Woman of the Year’s top gong. Her success in business is providing a positive influence on the growth of women across our rapidly-expanding international swim school franchise network.

It has been a rapid rise to business triumph for Kat, who opened JUMP! Swim Schools Bundall in April 2015 with her two-week-old baby Travis and his one-year-old sister Hollie on the job with her from day one.

“I started this business in 2015 with zero customers and no marketing budget, heavily pregnant with my second child and a toddler.

“In just two short years my swim school has grown to over 400 students, and is on track to reaching its full capacity of 500 little swimmers in 2017.”

“By improving the learning ability of our children and improving their confidence, we can lower drowning statistics.”

“I hope that I can inspire other women through my actions, and give them the courage to pursue their business ambitions while raising their families. To be bold and believe in yourself, and accept temporary sacrifice for long-term gain that will inspire your children,” said Kat.

When asked what her driving motivation was, she said “Increasing swimming participation and skill levels within my community and educating Mums and Dads on why learning to swim at a young age is a life-saving skill.”

The swimming family she has nurtured over the last two years has inspired and influenced swimming teachers and new franchisees to achieve the very worthwhile life goal of owning a great business that has a positive impact on the community.

Erin McMullan | Campbelltown, NSW

Leading the community as an early learn to swim advocate with 500 little swimmers.

Our franchisee Erin McMullan opened JUMP! Campbelltown in September 2015, and is leading the community as a water safety champion.

Erin embarked on her franchisee journey seven months pregnant with daughter Clara (now 14 months) with her two-year-old son Zachary (now three years of age). She had enjoyed an aquatic industry career spanning 20 years, and was looking at setting up her own school, but unable to afford the establishment costs.

After meeting with Ian Campbell, JUMP! Swim Schools’ founder in 2015, Erin realised that our Prepare, Instruct, Praise teaching philosophy was a perfect mesh with her own, and decided that JUMP!’s franchise model held great appeal.

“The opportunity to open a JUMP! Swim School came at exactly the right time. I was looking at setting up on my own, and was considering applying for a bank loan of 500K to do so … out of reach, really.

“Investing in the JUMP! franchise model slashed my establishment costs by over two-thirds, with the added bonus of franchisor operations, training and marketing support; and national brand recognition.”

Within a 10km radius, Erin had quite a bit of competition, with three council pools and six private swim schools. Yet within the first 12 months, her enrolments increased month by month to over 300 students, growth that she attributes to JUMP! Swim Schools being exactly what parents want and are unable to get from bigger facilities.

“I’m right on track to meet my target of 650 students in 2017, and look forward to opening a second site in the near future.”

Sharyn & Geoff Loller | Hackham, SA

Every child should have the opportunity to learn to swim, and JUMP! Hackham has quickly become popular for children with special needs.

Owners Sharyn and Geoff Loller have seen many miracles occur in the pool thanks to JUMP! Swim Schools’ small class sizes and intimate learning environment.

After less than a year of trading, JUMP! Hackham won the Australian Swim Schools Association Inclusive Swimming Award for 2016.

Prior to owning a JUMP! Swim School, Sharyn and Geoff were both part-time workers. Sharyn was a swimming teacher for 26 years, and Geoff was a builder.

Since opening their swim school at the beginning of 2016, Sharyn explained “We don’t have to both be there all the time, and I go to university 1.5 days a week to teach so it’s good to have both of us involved.”

Sharyn’s favourite part about owning a JUMP! Swim School is the teaching and getting involved with the kids.

“You can be having the roughest day — but then you get in the pool and everything melts away.”

“What I liked was the actual philosophy … and we both liked the program. We flew to Queensland and had a look at Miami and Southport and we loved it!”

The couple have four children and five grandchildren. Three of their children are now employed at JUMP! Swim Schools Hackham, taking the meaning of family-run business to new heights.

Evan & Caroline Russell | Somerville, VIC

Married couple Evan and Caroline Russell embarked on the journey of owning their own swim school, something they’d been dreaming of for a long time given their combined aquatic industry experience of over 25 years,

“Owning a swim school had always been a bit of a ‘pie-in-the-sky’ dream for us.”

Evan is an ex national-level swimmer and was head swimming coach at a private girls school until April 2015, when a chronic medical condition meant he was unable to continue working at that time. Caz has a background in exercise science, myotherapy and swim teaching, and has been a stay at home mum (returning to work on a casual basis as a swimming teacher) since their first child was born in June 2011.

Now with two children aged five and three, Caz was ready to get back into the work force, and Evan’s declining health was becoming more apparent that continuing to work full-time was no longer an option.

“It was a good friend who actually sent us the link about JUMP! franchises back in September 2014, and that got us thinking. After a lot of thinking and research, we realised that firstly financially it was possible, and secondly it was a great opportunity to pursue a dream we never thought would come true,” Caroline said.

“We met with Ian [JUMP! Swim Schools’ founder] in September 2014 and were immediately attracted to the JUMP! philosophy of Prepare, Instruct, Praise as well as all the elements that make JUMP! so special — a small, quiet and personable environment and being able to really connect and know our clientele. We are both passionate about the swimming industry and it just ticked all our boxes!”

Evan and Caz have operated their JUMP! Swim Schools Somerville site for almost a year now and teach over 400 students a week.