Kat grew her business by 600% within 2 years of opening

Kat Hughes first opened her swim school in April of 2015. She runs her swim school in Bundall, QLD.

  • Kat grew her student numbers by over 600% within 2 years of operating!

  • Kat was awarded runner-up for Queensland’s Franchise Woman of the Year award last year

Who is Kat?

Kat is a busy mum to two young ones: Hollie (3) and Travis (2).

Kat and her partner James, who works for JUMP! Head Office as National Sales Manager, relocated from Sydney to start a new life with their growing family.

Previous to JUMP!, Kat worked as a head chef for 13 years in New Zealand, Italy and Australia. James was a business owner in Sydney.

Why did she decide to purchase a franchise with JUMP!?

“The reason we decided to have a franchise is we wanted to have a flexible lifestyle for a young family like ours where we can still earn a living but spend as much time as we can with our own family. We also wanted to invest in a business that was going to be affordable and worthwhile in the long run.

“We were approached by Mr. Campbell [JUMP!’s Founder] with an idea and concept that we knew was going to change the swimming industry not only in Australia but around the world, as well as saving lives every day and we were excited to be a part of it.”

How does Kat balance running a business and family life?

“Life can be a struggle sometimes but it’s actually not as bad as it seems. We have a massive routine in our household.

“Being on my own whilst James travels around the country Monday to Friday, I have to make sure all preparations are done the night before as my children are still asleep when I put them in the car every morning. Having a supportive childcare really helps as we don’t have family around.

“I do make time for my kids every afternoon I pick them up early and make sure my desk supervisor is prepared for the busy afternoon ahead before having some family time and enjoying them while they are still okay to be around their mum. It’s about having equal time with both and putting 100% effort into both. The customers are all part of my family and we all help each other out when we need it.”

Did Kat have any previous industry experience?

“I didn’t have any experience in this industry, only doing Squad and being part of the swim team at high school. I had also never had an office job let alone used a computer much in my previous industry. But like everything, you do grow and learn every step along the way. You sometimes make mistakes, but you learn from those mistakes and it makes you a much stronger person.”


What’s their favourite part about owning a JUMP!?

“My favourite part would be opening the doors every day. I would never call this a job, more of a hobby. I love waking up every morning and going to the pool.

“The best part is seeing every child and parent walk through the door every week. We have a lot of laughs and enjoy being around each other, watching their children grow from strength to strength every lesson. It’s one big happy family.”