James & Michelle grew their business by almost 100% within the first 5 months

James & Michelle Bradley first opened their swim school in October of 2015. They run their swim school in Pakenham, VIC.

They grew their business by 95% within the first 5 months of trading! James & Michelle have been running their swim school at full capacity since this time last year.



Who are James & Michelle?

James and Michelle are parents to two young children, Dan (7yo) and Stella (5yo).

James manages the business through the week and Michelle works in her other job as a National Account Manager three days a week.

The Bradleys are a busy family who love spending time in the water and getting involved in other weekend sports with their kids.


Why did they decide to purchase a franchise with JUMP!?

“We wanted to have a business of our own that we could work in. We also loved the idea of being able to provide quality swimming lessons for local children in the area and making them more accessible because we feel it’s important for children to be given the opportunity to learn to swim. It makes you want to go to work.

“Being our first business, we liked the idea of being able to follow a structure that was already in place and also have advice and support from the Head Office. We also liked the point of differences JUMP! has to offer as we knew it was different to anything else near by, and it all works well.

“We live 15 minutes away in Beaconsfield and wanted a business local to us so we could have a bit more flexibility to be around more for our own children starting school and going through that experience.”


How do they balance running a business and family life?

“We have made sure we have the right staff here with us both in the pool and managing the swim school when we are not here. Our teachers are the most important part of our business and they do an exceptional job.

“We have a good mix of staff who are able to help cover shifts, step up and manage if required and help keep the swim school running as it should. This allows everyone enough down time with their friends and family outside of work.

“At certain times of the month we may need to bring work home, but that means we are at home with our kids rather than having to go into an office to work.”


What’s their favourite part about owning a JUMP!?

“Watching the kids coming in and looking forward to their lessons, talking to the families about their day/week etc and watching the kids progress. If the kids are upset, we are here to try and make them happy.”