The Buckler Family Open #2 of 8 Sydney Swim Schools Coming This Winter

The Bucklers open our 2nd swim school in Sydney within a fortnight!

It was great to see JUMP! St Marys full of prams last Saturday as families poured through the doors to check out our specialist facilities for their babies and beginners.

Matthew and Laura are parents to two young ones – Ashton (4) and Alyssa (1).

With an extensive background in swim teaching, Laura spent 8 years instructing while studying at high school and university. She taught all ages from babies through to adults, with her passion being babies and toddlers.

In his teens, Matthew taught swimming lessons to young children and coached squads as well as swam competitively. With over 10 years of experience working in management and customer service, he is looking forward to combining the two.

Why did they decide to purchase a franchise with JUMP!?

“I have always had a passion for the swimming industry. In the last couple of years I returned to my childhood swim club, mainly to regain some fitness. During this time I was given the opportunity to assist with coaching and mentoring the kids. I think this is what reignited my passion to teach again,” said Matthew.

“For a few years my wife and I have discussed at length the logistics of setting up our own swim school but found the task very daunting. One day we saw JUMP! Swim Schools advertised, got more information and felt this was the most streamlined approach available.

“With two young children ourselves, we could appreciate what the JUMP! brand and principles had to offer. The biggest barriers we found with our own children learning to swim has always been cool water temperatures, noisy environments and large class sizes. We loved the JUMP! concept as by eradicating these issues, gives children more opportunity to engage and learn during their valuable lesson time.”

Why did they decide to open in St Marys?

“We bought our first home and moved to St Clair two years ago to raise our family. The JUMP! Pinky Promise is that we will treat your child as if they are our own. Not only is it easier to work close to home, but we also wanted to make sure we could keep this promise by ensuring our ability to engage and stay in touch with the community,” Laura said.

What is the community saying about a JUMP! Swim School coming to the area?

“We have received great feedback from the community in regards to opening a JUMP! Swim School in St Marys. Other parents have been having the same issues and like the concept of the JUMP! environment. At the end of the day, parents want the best for their young children, and want value for their money. Joining the JUMP! Swim Schools family offers all of this and more, I think the community like us is very excited!”

How will Matthew and Laura balance running a business and family life?

“We have a young family. Our son will be starting school soon. The job I’m currently in doesn’t allow me the flexibility needed with the kids routines. My goal is have the flexibility to be more present in my children’s lives. To be able to pick them up/ drop them at school and attend activities,” Matthew said.

What’s their favourite part about owning a JUMP!?

“Our favourite part of owning a JUMP! Swim school will be watching all the families come through our door and seeing them progress. I believe that swimming is a life lesson that all people should learn. I’m humbled that we will have the opportunity to facilitate this in our local community.”